We all know that well know phrase, “Seeing the World Through Rose Colored Glasses” which portrays one as having an optimistic view of things and in reality, we all see the world through different coloured glasses every day and often what we see through our own, is a very different image of what others are looking at and how they interpret what they see.

If you’re still with me, that’s a good sign as you are intrigued to find out more detail and if that is you, you are probably looking through blue tinted specs (spectacles).

Of course, I am referring to personality preferences and the power of recognizing and understanding the similarities and differences between us others and, how this is essential to having more effective communications that will impact on your ability to adapt your leadership style.

The first step is creating awareness around your own preferred colour of glasses so let’s see if we can get you in that ballpark of identifying whether you prefer to wear Green, Yellow, Red or Blue Glasses.Blue Coloured Glasses:

When I suggested that if you were detail oriented, you were likely looking through blue tinted specs, the reason for this would be that you are extremely analytical, and lean towards process, structure, and rules and will use logic to objectively make decisions, rather than being swayed by emotions.

Blue Specs personalities are reserved, autonomous people who usually prefer to work independently for long periods of focused work rather than multi-tasking.

  • Blue specs personalities will use facts and analytical logic to explain nearly every situation in their lives
  • The Blues are our “facts and figures” people
  • Blue personalities are excellent at creating and enforcing rules. They can be counted on to ignore distractions and stay on track
Red Coloured Glasses:

If you have a preference to wear Red Glasses, then you are likely to be an extremely competitive individual and prefer to hold a leadership role. I would expect that you wouldn’t have got this far either as you like to skip through to the details that you are specifically looking for.

You will typically speak confidently but will probably be quick to end a conversation that isn’t going anywhere according to your own opinion.

  • Red glasses personalities are so focused on achievement that most conversations will focus on results and ignore the method of how results are achieved
  • A Red Glasses personality will often overlook strategy and logic, instead preferring to figure it out as they go
  • Reds are extremely objective people. They do not make decisions based on emotion
Yellow Coloured Glasses:

Then we come to Yellow Glasses and people who are identified with this personality like fun. They are confident, engaging and extremely approachable. These individuals love social settings and value connecting with others, are always looking to expand their network and social circles and enjoy spending time with new people.

They get excited to explore fresh ideas and begin new projects and are likely to bounce around between what they are working on.

  • Yellow Specs wearers will use their natural charisma and communication skills to influence others, especially in terms of seeing their perspective
  • Yellow personalities thrive on approval and are motivated by public appreciation
  • Yellows love brainstorming and new projects and can have the tendency to take on too much too quickly
Green Coloured Glasses:

You’ll know in an instant if you have Green Coloured glasses on your team. They are naturally reserved people who look for like-minded supportive, consistent, and loyal individuals in their relationships. They are known for being sympathetic to others’ perspectives, as well as holding excellent active listening skills which contribute to the calm environments and situations.

They are patient and kind in their responses and are quite thoughtful in all that they do and like to work steadily, without outside interruption, and will be resistant to change and conflict.

  • Green Glasses personalities are extremely respectful of their colleague’s space and will very rarely interrupt anyone to insert their ideas
  • Green personalities love to strategize, and will often shy away from abstract work in favour of a logical course of action
  • Greens prefer stability and a structured routine which assists in how to motivate and energize them.

By now you should have an idea of the colour glasses you prefer to wear and although it’s a start, it is just a start!

Imagine trying on a colleagues coloured glasses for a day. How will you view the world around you and what impact will that experience have on your continued growth and success through understanding others? In what way will your relationship with them change?

Remember, the things that others do that you struggle to understand or get frustrated by is not personally directed at you, it’s just that they prefer to look at the world through different coloured glasses to you. The glasses that you wear probably creates similar frustrations and misunderstandings in them.

Today’s journey through these different lenses is driven via a preferred behavioural assessment tool based on the DISC theory of psychologist William Moulton Marston, which centers on four different behavioral traits: Red – Decisive, Yellow – Interactive, Green – Stabilizing and Blue – Cautious

To know more about your personality preference and gain some deeper insights in to your preference of spectacles, get in contact today on darren@youniqueconsulting.com and see how to leverage your own leadership style and discover how you can adapt to other styles to effectively communicate, motivate and inspire your team to greater levels of success www.youniqueconsulting.com