YouNique Breakthrough Process

A process that discovers what your people are made up of at core level. It uniquely identifies the professional talent based upon 77 business competencies. It also identifies an individual’s value structure and measures behaviour in both natural as well as adapted states to measure the management of work environment related stress


This foundation phase looks to build all of the learning and management information gained from the discovery process and designs a blueprint for organisational success. This crucial phase is supported by various tools including professional coaching.

Culture & Environment

Implementation of the blueprint takes place in this phase. Purpose is brought to the individual, team, department and the leadership which is the true mechanism to engaging the people to perform at a higher level whilst being natural and true to their talents.


Gaining level of engagement required is fundamental to achieving change. It’s in this phase where you start to see the true measurable benefits from this approach, and all areas of your business are positively affected. We assist you in defining the detail within your KPI’s that proves change is happening.

Brand Identity

A key outcome of this journey will be the image that is conjured up when you organisation’s name is mentioned, which is one of Integrity, Success and Achievement. The organisation is thought of in terms of being a great place to be, for among other things, it’s sense of community and the strength of its Leadership.

YouNique Consulting is an organisation that focuses on breaking down barriers that inhibit performance in you or your team.

We craft solutions to allow your Human Capital to perform to its fullest potential.

Using World Class technologies to identify, measure and develop the people, skills and talent, and help implement the appropriate forward thinking solution.

In doing so, our YouNique Breakthrough Process lies at the heart of everything we do and is fundamental to ensuring effectiveness in realising improved performance objectives.

Our Approach

YouNique Consulting is a Global partner with Innermetrix who has developed the most comprehensive suite of business diagnostic tools and people development processes on the market today to help an organisation, more accurately identify critical issues, measure and isolate the causes, craft and implement appropriate solutions to resolve them.

Our approach is a holistic consulting process that breaks down the complicated structure of any organisation into eleven separate but interdependent core areas of performance.

The approach involves 5 key stages: