Confidence & Clarity


With the demands of today’s ever increasing responsibilities within the workplace comes that dreaded (for many) task of having to present to your peers, subordinates and for even more pressure, your stake holders and clients.

Throughout your career, you have worked so hard and gained the recognition you deserve by seizing that promotion and all of a sudden, you now find yourself expected to be able to present ideas and concepts seamlessly, powerfully and professionally but there’s a but right?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. You are among 70% of the world’s population who share a fear of speaking in public and the fear outweighs the fears of flying, heights and spiders.

Public speaking is not a natural gift and whilst it may come easy to some over others, it is a learned capability.

YouNique Consulting is proud to celebrate more than 20 years’ experience in broadcast media and will work with you to create the power that is delivered through radio where you have no visual props. Then by giving you the tools to strengthen your delivery and engage your audience through only the voice before making full use of the visual effect you will have to support you once up on the podium.

Imagine yourself standing in front of an audience and they are anticipating your every word. You have them in the palm of your hand, are in complete control whilst delivering your seamless, powerful and professional message that has just secured you a record breaking deal.

The world of imagination is boundless and the world of reality has no limits here.

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