Are Your Teams Communication and Working Together effectively

As the world spins at today’s pace and the ever enhanced electronic devices take us boldly where we dare to go to, the question has to be asked if all this advanced technology is actually retarding us?

When you think back to how our scholars introduced us to communication at a young age with nothing short of what we now know as emoticons, to help us identify whether our classmates were showing signs of being happy, sad, excited or frustrated and angry and how we needed to respond appropriately.

Fast forward the film several + years and how so many of us communicate using these same emoticons on our highly advanced smart phones and tablets.

Now head over to the workplace, how do you read your team and more importantly, how does your team read and communicate with each other?

Does Jenny know that her preferred behaviour actually causes extreme frustration with Amit? Does Amit know that by using a certain method of communication, he could in fact cut through Jenny’s behavioural defenses reducing his frustration whilst at the same time increasing interaction between them leading to a more cohesive collaboration?

Just because Mary takes a long time in reaching her targets doesn’t necessarily mean that she is lacking the required skill for her role. She could be so thorough that she is constantly seeking information for her to make an informed decision in order to meet her targets. What appears as her inability to make decisions is having a negative impact on Ed because his role is running behind schedule making him look bad.

Are you a leader that the higher the stress, the less you are likely to listen and more likely to act or command?

One of your team members wants to come to you with an awesome idea on how improvement can be made to enhance productivity but because you are perceived by your team to be resistant to change, they avoid coming to see you and that improvement never gets to see the light of day.

Understanding individual behavioral preferences and habits is crucial when working with team members, as a leader or manager of others, or in an environment that requires conflict resolution.

These are just a couple of scenarios that we work to resolve but these situations can often escalate to a crescendo that leaves very few options if unaddressed.

Imagine having a “magic formula” for your team with things they need to do and things they need to avoid doing to effectively communicate with each other?

YouNique Consulting can help in a wide variety of situations, such as selection and hiring, succession planning and team development.