Talent Management


YouNique Consulting Talent Management solutions make it possible to effectively align your employee to their role and engage them for that big picture thinking.

By identifying specific attributes needed within each role you offer, helps you as the employer, select and develop the employee to become efficient, productive and a successful part of the process.

Your organisation then becomes aware of its talents, allowing you to maximise efficiency and profitability resulting in fitting a round peg in a round hole!

 “Identify What Your Employee Can Do”

 If you had something like the DeLorean that Dr Emmet Brown owned in Back to the Future where you could sit one of your employees in, hit the switch and they get out the other end being a perfect fit for their role, awesome eh?

Well, we don’t have a DeLorean nor do we have Dr Emmet Brown but we do have the ability to customize our process to your organisations specific needs to help identify what talents and competencies your employee has and what the role they fulfil demands.

If we highlight the right match, it’s a great home run but if not, then clarity is given to highlight what skills are lacking or under-developed.

Career evolution is then engaged to offer Continuing Professional Development which is a cost-effective way to deploy skills development and attributes or competencies training throughout your organisation.

Our tailored solutions will position your organisation to drive business performance and promote employee engagement through innovative talent identification, development, and retention strategies.

We are always mindful of current best practice, but we also comprehend that having the best fit is more important. We will work with you to design and apply effective bespoke solutions, which meet both your current and future objectives.