Plan for the Future

The Importance of PlanningpLAN-IMAGE

In our experience, strategy and planning is often where the pain emanates from. It’s not the coming up with a strategic plan but getting everyone on board to execute your vision is where the problems start!

As part of our strategic planning process, we conduct a fully customisable Organisational Health Check-up which involves the executive team to determine where the priorities lie within the organisation and to provide an accurate diagnosis for the recovery stage.

Strategic Planning engagements involve the development of a corporate strategy and include the planning for how the strategy will be implemented over a period of time. The strategic plan must consider many factors related to the organisations current positioning, capabilities, structure and resources. Goals related to the strategy must be identified, then planned for in terms of operational objectives.

Through benchmarking current performance, identifying best practices in relation to peer and historical performance, and measuring the gaps between reality and the potential of our client’s operations, we develop frameworks that provide a clear corporate strategic plan that allows for innovation, transformation and growth.

The Organisational Health Check-up allows us to extract the right information and makes it useful and usable to develop strategy and tactics to achieve growth and higher profitability for our clients. Our strategy development approach focuses on improving our client’s overall business performance – producing real and measurable outcomes.

Successful execution of corporate strategy requires the strategic plan governance be linked to the planning process and not considered as an afterthought.  Strategic goals represent work that must be translated into well-planned and carefully coordinated programs. Accountabilities must be assigned, metrics defined and progress measured and managed.

A highly effective planning process backed up by quarterly review meetings facilitated by a consultant to ensure that all the priorities are on track and we address any improvements that may be required, will make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your organization’s planning and execution process.

Well-run meetings, focused agendas and a non-biased third-party running the sessions will ensure better results for your organization. There is no area more critical to invest in than specialized expertise for the development of a sound business strategy.